For those who want justice

We have dug a lot of graves

we have lost a lot of hopesAPS4

your soul is too cold but I felt that you are a spectator

I lost the way of imagination I lost the voice of  inner

you do not understand whatever I said

Because you can’t hear what my inner says

you do’t cried when I lost myself.

I felt my skin too cold and my blood do’t passes to the veins of  my soul

I  hide myself in the darkness of loneliness

You do not understand whatever I said

because you can’t hear voice of your heart

I found many souls in the depth of this sphere

I drunk every tear because I can’t  show it on my face

so you can’t  understand whatever I said.

we hear it like a child we  done it by the fear

The  streams of blood came out by the fear of my tear

my skin is too white  looks like a mirror

but you can’t see yourself  because it is of divine dust

Do not fight with your heart and do’t fight with your mind

because still you are finding a mirror which you lost yourself by your eyes

you crush it you eat it like a devil

you lost a lot ,You can’t stay here nowwpid-unnamed-14-jpg

He is digging another grave  in the depth of your fear

do not look do not hear to the door of  a devils head

search your heart search your soul  in  this darkness little more

Your words are hide in the mist of  every dark night

take them out in the shadow of your heart

you cannot see further graves of your beloved

Stand up like a storm do not stay here little more.


Silent tears of younger creams

I am trying to write, something which you like

Just hold me tight,

That I write something lightFB_IMG_1472489844413

My pen is melting, tearing the paper

Just take me inside, let me show my eyes.

My dreams are floating in tears of my eyes

No matter how I cried?

For getting my rights…..

No shelter no food, for growing creams

How lovely my dreams, they put at their kneels,

The path is too long, for snatching my charms,

How could I sleep, with no soul and peace……..

No proper a place, for pauper and pain,

My life is just bind……with some probing lies………

So how could I write something which you like?